Today, we see post-covid the transformation on how both small and medium businesses are looking at technology. Change is happening today, especially on how consumer service delivery is being done.

• Law firms are looking to collaborate,helping them to deliver legal services at faster pace.

The shift in change of behaviour from businesses and consumers, means the dependency on Legal CRM is ever important.

• Hybrid Legal CRM is a complete enterprise-graded platform, allowing both lead management to case management and integrations to other software’s, such as accounting software.

How to choose the right legal software for your law firm

A law firm today needs agility to thrive amidst ongoing changes and here are some things to remember when choosing a software platform:

  1. Understanding your client’s enquiries and lead funnel. 32% of firms lose leads, because either staff are not trained to deal with those or missed opportunity due to delays.
  2. The ability to send emails at speed. We know that emails are the most preferred communication methods and most Lawyer’s spend on average 35 hours a week on emails. Hybrid Legal CRM uses our own technology to allow emails to be sent at speed, and save with automatic email logging, saving an average 15 hours a week.
  3. SRA, Cilex & OISC complaint legal software. All legal professionals in the UK must be regulated, so knowing whether the software can meet the regulatory compliance requirements is important. Hybrid Legal CRM is recognised by the Law Society.

Speed and flexibility with Hybrid Legal CRM

Dashboards and matter pages show all related consultations, meetings, due dates, and tasks management.
• The dashboards are organised for the firm and personally.
• Allows Lawyers to manage their own caseloads.
• Track & monitor team performances.

Connected client access portal allows you to keep your client informed and drive down 18% of calls/emails, saving an average of 2 hours per client.


Client’s document management

In all legal matters, it is ever important to have a client document management platform:

• Hybrid Legal CRM has a smart algorithm to ensure documents are labelled and saved in UK Gov approved file size.

The document library allows you to manage your client’s documents using the Hybrid Legal CRM, all connected simply to the client portal.

• Find more details at and take a free trial, to see how the platform performs within your enterprise.

Frequently asked questions?

1.  What software is used for case management? Hybrid Legal CRM is a complete software, allowing law firms to manage their enquiries, their workforce and their clients. 
2.  What software do UK law firms use? Our platform Hybrid Legal CRM is growing at a fast pace. Our intuitive               graphical interface, with automation built in and easy to use platform, helps Lawyers who are not tech-savvy to use it. 

Product demo or a free trial with Hybrid Legal CRM

We understand that you may need to see our product in action or test trial, prior purchasing the subscriptions:

  1. To take a free trial, complete our automated form https://wwwhybridcrm. and we will send you a link to access the platform.

Need more information, please email us at or call our team on 020 7237 3388.

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